This one-minute video from Brown University charts the devastating course of the coronavirus pandemic

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ICYMI: Rhode Island was up to 26,045 confirmed coronavirus cases on Wednesday, after adding 182 new cases. The most recent overall daily test-positive rate was 1.8 percent, but the first-time positive rate was 6.3 percent. The state announced one more death, bringing the total to 1,127. There were 117 people in the hospital, 12 were in intensive care, and six were on ventilators.

We’re now into the eighth month of the pandemic, and it has been easy to become numb to the daily news about new infections, and sadly, the death toll. Now there’s real concern that cases are beginning to tick up again.

So how has the virus spread across the country since March?

Brown University School of Public Health Dean Dr. Ashish Jha and his team have created a simple and helpful time-lapse video that breaks down the rate of cases per 100,000 for the US since March 1.

It’s worth taking a minute (literally) to watch this.


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