What’s up, doc? Why nearly 32 tons of carrots were dumped on a university campus

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A gigantic pile of carrots seemingly dumped on a British college campus has piqued the attention of social media users worldwide.

Photos of the scene have gone viral, and it seems like everyone’s eager to figure out why so many carrots — like, a truly breathtaking amount of carrots — were left on the campus of Goldsmiths University, a London-based school that focuses on creative learning and the arts.

Some suggested that the school might be trying to attract a new type of student.

There was some speculation that it might be the remnants of a gigantic band of snowmen.

Others suggested that it might have just been an ordering error, or a creative way to keep any dining halls on campus well-stocked.

As solid as these theories might be, unfortunately, none of them were correct. A spokesperson for the school confirmed to TODAY Food that the nearly 32 tons of carrots were part of an installation called “Grounding,” produced by artist and student Rafael Perez Evans as part of the school’s Master of Fine Arts degree show, which runs from Oct. 2 to 6.

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