University of New Haven dorm quarantined after gathering

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WEST HAVEN, Conn. (AP) — The University of New Haven has placed a dormitory under quarantine after several people tested positive for the coronavirus, including someone who attended a large, unauthorized gathering last weekend, school officials said.

The school notified residents of Winchester Hall on Tuesday that they must isolate in their rooms for 14 days because they were potentially exposed to five fellow residents who tested positive, including the person who attended the gathering.

“We have taken this step, out of an abundance of caution, while COVID-19 cases are still quite low, to mitigate the risk of further spread,” school officials said in a notification to students.

The West Haven school had 280 students in quarantine as of Tuesday, including all residents of Winchester Hall and some students in other dorms. School officials said seven people living on campus had tested positive since Monday. Another 69 students who live off campus are being required to quarantine.

Before Monday, only two residential students had tested positive.

School officials said the school has comprehensive public health measures in place and any violations — including attending large unauthorized gatherings — could result in suspension, expulsion from campus housing or dismissal from the school.

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Campus police in Texas entered a sleeping student’s dorm room with a gun and taser after a false report was filed, university says

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A college freshman at Stephen F. Austin State University in Texas was sound asleep when campus police entered her room at 3 a.m. on September 14, with one officer’s gun drawn, her lawyer and university officials said.

a girl standing on a sidewalk: Christin Evans.

© Courtesy LaShondra Evans
Christin Evans.

The freshman, Christin Evans, 18, hadn’t committed any crime, her lawyer, Randall Kallinen, told CNN. Rather, she was the victim of a “swatting” set up by her two roommates. Eleven women, including her roommates, were involved in the incident, SFA Chief of Police John Fields confirmed in a news conference Wednesday morning.

“A story was made up about her that she was threatening to stab people in the room with scissors,” Kallinen said. “It was extremely traumatizing for her and has led to a lot of problems psychologically and she is suffering from depression. Whenever she hears any footsteps outside of her dorm room, she’s always terrified.”

The lawyer said the individuals had “convinced” the dorm’s resident assistant, who called campus police, that Evans, who was 17 at the time, was having a manic episode and was going to stab people with scissors.

It’s unclear why the students targeted the freshman, Fields said.

The freshman, who is Black, told CNN that she believes her roommates wanted her removed from their dorm room, despite spending the day before the incident “talking like normal friends.”

And she said her race affected the school’s response.

“I definitely think if I was a White student, they would have been a lot faster with the punishments. Things would have been handled a lot faster,” Evans told CNN.

Authorities have not identified the women allegedly responsible for the incident, and CNN has not been able to contact them for comment. Of the 11 women, six were White, four were Black, and one


14 Purdue University students suspended after throwing dorm party, officials say

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More than a dozen Purdue University students were suspended this week after officials say they disregarded school rules and threw a party in a residence hall amid the coronavirus pandemic.

After finding out about the Sept. 26 event, Katie Sermersheim, associate vice provost and dean of students, issued suspensions to 14 students, including 13 athletes, for violating the school’s Protect Purdue Pledge.


In part, the pledge asks students to maintain “appropriate social distancing,” especially when in the presence of others, in order to stem the spread of COVID-19 on campus. To make sure this happens, the school has specifically prohibited students from hosting, organizing or attending events on or off-campus that do not allow for safe social distancing.


The guidelines read in part: “Organizing and/or hosting, either individually or with others, an event, party or other gathering (‘event’) or attending such an event, where the attendees are not required to, or willfully fail or refuse to, adhere to the requirements of the Protect Purdue Pledge, or of state or local public health laws, regulations or orders.” This includes but is not limited to maintaining a 6-foot distance from others and wearing an appropriate face mask, according to the school.

Per the university’s code of conduct, students found in violation of the pledge are “subject to disciplinary action,” according to the school’s Monday notice.


Sermersheim used the opportunity to remind students of the importance of adhering to the Protect Purdue Pledge amid the ongoing pandemic.

“This virus continues to be the demise of many universities and academic pursuits,” she said.

While the majority of students are “behaving admirably,” the school “cannot let our guard down and must hold those who violate