Broncos’ Vic Fangio won’t commit to Brett Rypien despite win in his first career start

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The Denver Broncos are still trying to find their placeholder until Drew Lock returns from injury, and they may have that standby in Brett Rypien. Head coach Vic Fangio isn’t ready to commit to the second-year quarterback just yet, though, despite Rypien helping the Broncos capture their first win of the season — in his first career start no less. 

“We have some extra days to think about it, look at the tape and thoroughly analyze it and go with what we think is best,” Fangio said after the Broncos’ victory over the New York Jets Thursday night. 

Rypien finished 19 of 31 for for 242 yards and two touchdowns, but also threw three interceptions in the win — two of which came in the fourth quarter that brought the Jets back in the game as New York even took a one-point lead with 6:23 to play. While Rypien was credited with a fourth quarter comeback, he also showcased some questionable decision making in the game despite moving the offense the majority of the night. 

“It was up and down. I thought there were some good things,” Fangio said. “We hit some big plays, which is always important. But, throwing three interceptions, you’re not going to win many times in this league, but we found a way to win tonight in spite of that which I think is a reflection of the fight that we have in this team, and these players and the commitment they have to each other that we overcome minus three and a pick six.”

Rypien deserves some credit in not getting sacked, aiding a Broncos offensive line that as surrendered 13 of them over the past two games. The Broncos quarterback still received his fair share of hits, but that was from the unnecessary roughness