Tear gas isn’t banned; Jersey City seniors deserve better housing; Education Matters team should win | Letters

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Get the facts on tear gas

I’m surprised to see that law enforcement was awarded the cash for riot gear (“Three and a half months after first request, Hudson County law enforcement agencies will get tear gas”). But more surprised to see a member of the public being quoted as saying “tear gas is banned under the Geneva Convention.”

It is not.

And he is mistaken in his assumption that it pertains to protests of the nature we have been experiencing.  He might want to review the document in its entirety starting with “Basic Rules of International Humanitarian law in Armed Conflicts,” which this is not classified, and “Protection of Civilian Persons and Populations in Time of War,” which we are not.

Kenneth Keane, Eatontown, formerly of Jersey City

Seniors need more and better housing options

Jersey City needs better senior housing. We need more senior housing and better buildings equipped with more amenities such as indoor pools.

The city has permitted the building of condos , condos and more condos. But affordable housing and proper senior housing are scarce and or not available.

Waiting lists for senior housing are backed up for four years. This is ridiculous and seems just another effort to force out anyone who cannot pay the new exorbitant rents.

So far, the administration has not paid any attention to seniors or citizens seeking good affordable housing. They have had more than four years of a building spree that should have included new housing for everyone. Maybe it’s time for a change.

Joan Scerbo, Jersey City

Vote for Education Matters Team

On Nov. 3, vote for the Education Matters Team.

The team consists of Lorenzo Richardson 1-i, Gina Verdibello, 2-i, Lekendrick Shaw 3-i. This team is not beholden to billionaire developers and politicians. The team is