It’s college essay season. Here’s how parents can help without being helicopters.

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Beyond telegraphing to students that it’s okay to cheat, the message these parents sent to their children was: You know all that hard work you did in high school? None of it is good enough.

Admittedly, the college application process can be overwhelming, and kids could use some assistance navigating it all. But if the college application process feels like it’s gotten out of hand, we parents—with our resources and connections, degrees and expectations—are at least partly to blame.

“Can we just say how crazy it is that we even have to have this conversation in the first place?” says Macy Lenox, a mom of two and an associate dean of admissions at University of Virginia. “As a parent myself, I don’t come to this from a place of judgement, but from one of understanding. We’re drowning our kids in our best intentions. We’ve lost sight of our job, which is not to be the applicant, but to be the best supporters of the applicant we can be.” This means demonstrating confidence in their abilities, says Lenox. “By doing things for them, you’re saying I can do this better than you. Part of our job is empowering them to be advocates for themselves; to be successful in college, you’ve got to be able to use your own voice.”

Yet when we hear stories from friends or read posts on social media about all the hoop-jumping necessary to get into college these days, it’s understandably crazy-making. Even the most stalwart defenders of their kids’ independence can lose sight of the line between supporting and doing the work for them. And while most parents would rightfully balk at the idea of, say, rigging their kid’s SAT score, or Photoshopping their child’s face onto the body of an athlete in a sport


How Parents Can Support Teenagers in the Pandemic College Process

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Suggest your child enroll in a college class online, she said, or aid librarians by transcribing historical documents from home. Parents can talk with their children about what interests them, then encourage them to create a project, like a website or a course for their peers, around that topic, Ms. Daryanani said.

Other experts caution against pushing too hard on teens already struggling with vast changes in their lives. One way to gauge that is to think about how much you used to have to push your kid before the pandemic, said Regine Galanti, a Long Island psychologist and author of “Anxiety Relief for Teens.” “If you are someone who didn’t push, and now your teen needs pushing, there may be other dynamics going on here,” she said.

One silver lining: This moment may be an opportunity for an “equal playing field,” said Warren Quirett, an admissions counselor at a Virginia boarding school and co-leader of the African-American Special Interest Group for the National Association for College Admission Counseling. That’s because affluent families cannot give their children an advantage by paying for expensive camps and experiences, since “it’s all been canceled,” he said.

Urge your student instead to pick up a new skill, or increase their involvement in their community — anything that will pique their interest and enrich their lives, he said.

Mr. Selingo said college admissions officers are going to understand that this is not a normal year. They’ll be “really looking for a mind-set,” he said. “They want students who are creative. They are going to be asking, ‘How did students respond to this pandemic?’”

But be forewarned: with other markers of achievement in short supply, colleges will focus on what is available. “I’ve been telling my seniors,” Ms. Daryanani said, “to really pay attention to their


New Soccer Coach’s Sample Letter To Parents

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Residing in a college dorm can definitely come with its fair proportion of dangers, together with rashes which unfold like wild hearth. Teams are just like any relationship we experience in life, they go through levels of communication and development. Meeting with students individually offers them an opportunity to privately share their progress and fears in your class. College textbooks had been normally used within the colleges with a view to be used as references for learning.

Then, I realized hazing is associated usuallly, with College fraternities or groups, so I decided I higher look more intently as a result of I have a son preparing for college. I skilled it so many instances in my life and so will you, if solely you tell your self that you just simply must do it. Good luck.

Earlier than the start time, I’ve usually taken roll and greeted my students. D. As soon as the starters realize this shift in your tradition in addition to realize they’re going again in the recreation in a second or two, they too turn out to be engaged with the younger or less skilled gamers.

As nicely in class the students type their own groups in frienship so I allow them to work collectively. Since they have a few years of working expertise, the grownup students depend on the breadth and depth of life experiences in terms of the group discussion and challenge participation.

One of the actions I discover helpful with students is getting them to share their previous experiences with writing and present expectations for the class. In earlier generations, there have been many ranges of jobs out there for these with out a college training or in some instances, even a highschool diploma.…