PCL Construction Teams with University of Denver, Citizen Care Pod Corporation and WZMH Architects on COVID-19 Testing Facility

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CCP Mobile COVID-19 Testing Pod Provides A Safe All-Weather Space for Health Professionals to Conduct COVID-19 Tests with Students and Staff Year-Round

PCL Construction is pleased to announce its work with the University of Denver and WZMH Architects to design, build and deliver a smart screening and testing facility – Citizen Care Pod Corporation’s (CCP) Mobile COVID-19 Testing Pod (Care Pod) to support the return of students to the University of Denver campus during the coronavirus pandemic. From concept to completion, the entire process took three weeks and is providing COVID-19 testing professionals with a permanent facility that provides a secure and comfortable environment.

Having used tents for COVID-19 testing, the university turned to PCL Construction for a more permanent solution to safely conduct testing through changing weather conditions. The 40-foot pod can test individuals who either walk or drive-up. Unlike tents, the pod offers a secure, safe and comfortable environment with climate control, HEPA filters, heating, air conditioning and positive air pressurization. It also is ADA compliant.

“We really needed to look for a solution that would last through the summer and winter,” said James Rosner, Associate Vice Chancellor, Facilities Management and Planning. “Tents really weren’t a good long-term option. The Care Pod solution was a perfect fit for the university to be able to test students, faculty and staff by providing both drive-up and walk-up options, and an ADA accessible window.”

The testing pods are easily modified for future use in administering a COVID-19 vaccine, as well as for flu and other viruses. Click here to see a video of the Care Pod’s installation.

“This is a safe space that is easily accessible for university students, faculty and staff to receive COVID-19 tests to ensure they study and work in a virus-free campus environment,” said Zenon Radewych, CCP’s