Temple University Students Fall From Roof After Trying To Take A Selfie

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A college party took a terrible turn during the early hours of Saturday when two students fell four stories from a rooftop party while trying to take a selfie.

WPVI reported that Temple University students were drinking at a rooftop party in North Philadelphia when two 19-year-old women at the gathering allegedly tried to take a selfie. However, they ended up falling off the roof and landed four floors below in an alleyway. 

One of the injured females was said to be in critical but stable condition and suffered multiple injuries to the body. The other student reportedly suffered ankle and leg injuries.

The building’s management company stated the rooftop deck has railings and parapet walls, but students do not believe the area is safe. Although the location is a party spot, students revealed that those under the influence could be putting themselves in danger on the rooftop.

“There’s not enough room blocking you from falling off, so if you’re drinking and you run right into it, it’s really easy to slip right off because it only comes to like a little halfway between your knee and hip,” Arnav Johri told the outlet.

Some students were left traumatized from witnessing the fall, but locals are hoping the accident will be a wake-up call for the youth in the area. “To always get the young adults, who are still children at heart, and they have no fear,” neighbor Ada Banks said. “We just hope that someone learns from their example not to be on the roof. It happens all the time.”

The Temple Police are expected to investigate the incident with help from the Philadelphia Police Department.

Ambulance A representational image of an ambulance pictured in New York City. Photo: Noam Galai/Getty Images

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Here’s the first ‘selfie’ of China’s Tianwen-1 spacecraft on its way to Mars

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Tianwen-1 is en route to Mars, hoping to make China the third nation to successfully land on the red planet.

Chinese Lunar Exploration Program

This is our first look at China’s Tianwen-1 spacecraft on the way to Mars. Against the black backdrop of the eternal void, but shining in the sun, Tianwen-1 has its solar panels The Martian exploration mission, which launched in July, is travelling away from the Earth and scheduled to reach the red planet in Feb. 2021 and make a controlled landing in May.

The image was released by the Chinese National Space Agency (CNSA) and the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program (CLEP) on the National Day of the People’s Republic of China. In a blog post, the team write the probe is now nearly 15 million miles from the Earth and is “in good condition.” The post details how the golden orbiter and silver landing device are “shining brightly” and highlights China’s national flag, which can be seen on the bottom right corner of the probe. 

It also claims this is the first “deep space self-portrait” of a Chinese probe. It’s a selfie. Of a spacecraft. On the way to Mars.

2020 ain’t so bad, I guess.

The camera took a few pictures and then became space junk.


To snap the image, Tianwen-1 released a tiny, wide-angle camera. You can see it being hurled away from the spacecraft. As it departed it took an image every second and then relayed the images back to the spacecraft, which forwarded them back to Earth. The camera had a single mission and, until it reaches another planetary body, it’s doomed to drift aimlessly in space, adding