The News launches Education Lab to deepen coverage of our schools and explore solutions to persistent challenges

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Rarely has there been a more critical time to provide in-depth coverage of our schools.

A global health crisis and social justice movement have brought the deep inequities and challenges that have long plagued education to the forefront of community conversations.

Finding solutions to those issues that help lead to better outcomes for all children is critical to the future of North Texas.

That’s why The Dallas Morning News is launching the new Education Lab, a community-funded journalism initiative aimed at not only expanding our coverage of the most pressing issues in education but also deepening the conversations we have with students, parents and educators.

The Education Lab will build on The News’ longstanding commitment to quality journalism. We will report on pressing issues such as how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting students’ access to opportunities; how well schools are preparing tomorrow’s workforce; and how state funding challenges are affecting local classrooms.

We aim to regularly engage with our diverse community members through thoughtful discussions online — and, we hope, in person one day soon — to hear directly from you what challenges you face in navigating education for your children or yourself. Those conversations will help shape our coverage.

We’ll kick off those discussions Wednesday with a chat about what lessons have been learned as schools begin to reopen during the pandemic. You can also contribute by participating in this survey on how the coronavirus is affecting education in your life.

The Education Lab will investigate innovations across Texas and the nation to identify those that are showing promising results. No one solution will solve the complex problems facing our schools, but exploring such efforts will foster deeper conversations on what is showing progress as well as limitations.

The Education Lab is a community-funded initiative with support from The