Ubisoft CEO Reveals Huge Number Of Employees Who Have Witnessed Misconduct

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Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has issued a lengthy statement to employees regarding the allegations of a toxic workplace and the next steps the company is taking to address the issues.

In a letter, which Ubisoft shared with GameSpot, Guillemot references an independent survey that garnered nearly 14,000 replies from staff, and said that an audit consisted of 100 interviews and 40 focus groups. The findings suggested that roughly 25% of employees experienced or witnessed some form of workplace misconduct over the last two years. Minority groups were disproportionately affected; women experienced harassment 30% more than men, and non-binary employees experienced it 43% more than men. Finally, only 66% of respondents who reported an incident said they felt they received support from management.

As a result of the audit, the company has concluded it needs to focus on four key areas of improvement going forward:

  1. Guarantee a working environment where everyone feels respected and safe.
  2. Putting diversity and inclusion at the heart of everything we do.
  3. Refocus and strengthen our HR function.
  4. Make the managers of the group accountable and empower them.

Those steps specifically include new and ongoing investigations, new confidential channels for employees to report misconduct, and mandatory anti-sexism and anti-harassment training. Guillemot says he has met with candidates for the new Head of Diversity and Inclusion role, and the company is recruiting new VPs to the Editorial team to ensure more diversity. A new Chief People Officer HR role is currently in the process of recruiting. The letter says Ubisoft managers are expected to meet or exceed diversity goals, and managers are taking a mandatory International Learning team program. It will also offer new bonus incentives to managers for diversity.

“Some also expressed doubts about our ability to change. I assure you, these changes will take place, and