USC Back In College Football Odds

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USC is back in the oddsmakers’ lists now that the Pac-12 is playing football again.

The Trojans are 50-1 to win the College Football Playoff according to BetOnline.

Ironically, LSU is 100-1. The Tigers already have a loss and play in the better conference, of course.

The full list is below. By the way, Oregon cornerback Deommodore Lenoir has opted back in and will play for the Ducks this season. So the Ducks’ secondary won’t be quite as inexperienced.

Odds to Win College Football Playoff

Clemson 2/1

Ohio State 11/4

Alabama 13/4

Georgia 12/1

Florida 14/1

Penn State 28/1

Oregon 33/1

Michigan 40/1

Notre Dame 40/1

Wisconsin 40/1

USC 50/1

Miami (FL) 66/1

Oklahoma 66/1

Texas 66/1

Washington 80/1

Auburn 100/1

LSU 100/1

Minnesota 100/1

Mississippi State 100/1

North Carolina 100/1

Oklahoma State 100/1

Tennessee 100/1

Texas A&M 100/1

UCF 100/1

Utah 125/1

Arizona State 150/1

California 150/1

Iowa 150/1

Memphis 150/1

Nebraska 150/1

Virginia Tech 150/1

BYU 200/1

Cincinnati 200/1

Kansas State 200/1

Pittsburgh 200/1

Baylor 250/1

Houston 250/1

Indiana 250/1

Iowa State 250/1

Kentucky 250/1

Louisville 250/1

Michigan State 250/1

Northwestern 250/1

Ole Miss 250/1

Purdue 250/1

Stanford Cardinal 250/1

TCU 250/1

Temple 250/1

UCLA 250/1

Washington State 250/1

West Virginia 250/1

Boston College 300/1

Marshall 300/1

NC State 300/1

SMU 300/1

Virginia 300/1

Wake Forest 300/1

Appalachian State 500/1

Arizona 500/1

Army 500/1

Colorado 500/1

East Carolina 500/1

FAU 500/1

FIU 500/1

Florida State 500/1

Louisiana 500/1

Maryland 500/1

Navy 500/1

North Texas 500/1

Oregon State 500/1

South Carolina 500/1

Arkansas 750/1

Missouri 750/1

Texas Tech 750/1

Arkansas State 1000/1

Charlotte 1000/1

Coastal Carolina 1000/1

Duke 1000/1

Georgia Southern 1000/1

Georgia State 1000/1

Georgia Tech 1000/1

Illinois 1000/1

Kansas 1000/1

Liberty 1000/1

Louisiana Tech 1000/1

MTSU 1000/1

Rice 1000/1

Rutgers 1000/1

South Alabama 1000/1



College Football Matrix says Pac-12 needs to protect Oregon and USC with schedule

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Dave Bartoo (known as: The College Football Matrix) thinks I’m complicating what the Pac-12 Conference needs to do when it comes to the football schedule. He joined me on the radio show on Tuesday for a smart discussion about the soon-to-be released football schedule.

Listen to the full interview with Bartoo here.

The Pac-12 schedule will come out later this week. It will feature six games — five in their own division and one “crossover” game each between North-South Division teams.

While we wait, I laid out a schedule that only conspiracists and contenders would love. It was one in which contenders of the conference might enjoy some protection in the division crossover games between the North and South. Bartoo sees it as a much simpler equation — first protect USC and Oregon.

“Don’t have them play each other,” he said, “… throw the dice and protect your best two.”

Bartoo doesn’t think Washington, ASU, Cal or Utah are College Football Playoff contenders. As a result, he believes the Pac-12 should schedule a cross-over game Oregon vs. Utah or ASU to give the Ducks a chance for a quality win. He’d schedule USC vs. Washington or Cal for the same reason.

“There is absolute gamesmanship here.”

Listen to more with Bartoo here:

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