Boston University students busted for violating coronavirus gathering rules could get suspended for semester

Boston University students busted for violating the university’s coronavirus gathering rules over the weekend could get suspended for the fall semester.

The disciplinary hearings for 20 BU students after they were caught partying outdoors on campus comes in the wake of 11 Northeastern University students getting dismissed for violating social distancing rules.

The 20 BU students allegedly drinking in West Campus — in “the grotto” next to Nickerson Field — could face a semester-long suspension, the BU administration’s website reported.

“There were 25-plus people with alcohol, close together, with no masks or their masks pulled down around their chin,” Dean Kenneth Elmore told BU Today.

“This weekend’s alleged violations are violations of the expectations we set out for this academic year,” Elmore added. “The alcohol use in public and under legal drinking age, public noise disturbance, and the notion that the police had to respond all exacerbate the matter.”

The student disciplinary hearings are expected to be completed this week.

“The possible consequences include a semester-long suspension with no refund for tuition or room and board or a deferred suspension, which means they would be suspended if they incur a second disciplinary infraction of any kind,” the BU administration’s website wrote.

The same weekend that the BU students got caught partying on campus, Salem State University students were busted for violating coronavirus gathering rules.

The Salem students who attended two unrelated apartment parties will be cited by public health officials for the violations.

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