Chris Dickinson ready for Bloodsport match vs Jon Moxley

Chris Dickinson is ready to reintroduce the world to the true vision of pro wrestling. In the process, he also plans to make a lasting impression of his own.

Dickinson is a central figure on wrestling’s independent scene, offering a style that is physical, raw and, oftentimes, gory. He is a perfect fit for Sunday’s Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport show, where he meets the world-renowned Jon Moxley in the main event.

Chris Dickinson and Jon Moxley

Chris Dickinson and Jon Moxley

This meeting is a clash of styles with a lot to prove on each side. A former WWE superstar, Moxley is on top of the industry as the preeminent face and champion of All Elite Wrestling, but he still has a burning fire deep within his soul to prove that he is still the toughest, most versatile worker in the game.

For Dickinson, the trip to Marion County Fairgrounds in Indianapolis for Bloodsport marks his chance to show the wrestling realm that no one is more physical, rough or realistic. And the setting is perfect, as the show, which streams on FITE at 8pm ET, is built around matches that end only by knockout or submission. This is a shoot-style blended with a combat sport foundation, a platform that suits Dickinson’s strengths.

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