Former head of Howard Universty’s bursar’s office sentenced to 4 months in jail for stealing nearly $140,000

Mosley enlisted Brian Johnson, 35, a former employee and graduate of the school. The scheme entailed the university directly depositing more than $100,000 into Johnson’s Bank of America account. Johnson then kicked back half of the funds to Mosley via cash and payments through Johnson’s Venmo payment app.

During that period, Johnson’s bank account received 13 deposits of thousands of dollars from Howard.

The case, which has been investigated by the FBI, was part of a 2018 investigation by Howard University that resulted in the termination of six employees, including Mosley and Johnson.

Michael A. Sherwin, the federal prosecutor who oversaw the case, said Mosley also orchestrated a second scheme whereby she added her bank account to a different student’s profile. The university then unknowingly made eight financial aid deposits into the account, totaling $32,000.

Mosley, prosecutors argued, defrauded the school while earning an $89,000-a year salary. “Mosley abused her position of trust at Howard,” Sherwin said.

Mosley’s public defender said his client stole the money because of a gambling addiction.

When Mosley pleaded guilty to the charges in July, U.S. District Chief Judge Beryl A. Howell ordered her to stay away from casinos as part of her condition of release while she awaited sentencing. As part of her plea, Mosley was ordered to repay nearly $140,000 and forfeit about $86,000. Howell also sentenced Mosley to three years of supervised probation.

Last Friday, the judge sentenced Johnson to three years probation and ordered him to forfeit nearly $54,000. Johnson, who pleaded guilty in July to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, also was ordered to repay $108,000.

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