Illinois State coach Kurt Beathard posts ‘All Lives Matter’ sign, then resigns

The Pantagraph cited sources last week in reporting that a “Black Lives Matter” poster was taken down recently in the Redbirds’ locker room. Beathard told the newspaper he had nothing to do with that, but he suggested that he took down a similar poster placed on his office door and replaced it with the “All Lives Matter” sign.

“That locker room crap is wrong. I took the sign down somebody put on my door. That’s it,” Beathard told the Pantagraph. “I didn’t take anything off that wasn’t put on my door. I wrote the message.”

Lyons and a spokesman for the Redbirds’ athletic department could not immediately be reached for comment.

The Illinois State athletics department announced Wednesday that Beathard was “no longer with the football program.” A pair of assistants, Ghaali Muhammad-Lankford and C.J. Irvin, will share the position of offensive coordinator.

The Vidette, Illinois State’s student newspaper, reported last week that Beathard cleared his office and posted the sign before resigning his position.

Beathard has deep ties to the football world: He is the son of legendary NFL general manager Bobby Beathard and the uncle of San Francisco 49ers quarterback C.J. Beathard.

That Facebook account has also shared messages of support for President Trump and criticism of football players’ protests of racial injustice during the national anthem. Earlier in September, the account shared a message that asked people to “Pray for our president,” and it included an image with the message, “Babies Lives Matter Also.”

The Redbirds don’t have a game until February; the Missouri Valley Football Conference postponed football until spring because of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

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