Kyler Murray has accomplished a rare feat, twice in his career

At a time when many remain focused on the extent to which the Saints are, or aren’t, throwing the football down the field, a much younger quarterback than Drew Brees has made a strange kind of history early in that quarterback’s career.

Via Scott Kacsmar, Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray has generated two of the four lowest passing yardage performances with 24 or more completions since 1950.

Murray’s performance against the Panthers, during which he generated 133 yards on 24 completions, ranked No. 1 on the list.

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Murray also lands at No. 4, thanks to a Week 11 performance against the 49ers during which he generated 150 yards on 24 completions.

At No. 2? Shane Matthews from 2001, at 138 yards on 24 completions in a Bears’ loss to Baltimore. Third on the list is J.P. Losman, who had 148 yards on 24 completion in a Bills loss to the Jets.

Not surprisingly, each of the quarterbacks in the top four spots for lowest yardage on 24 or more completions saw their teams lose. After the Cardinals started 2-0, they’ve now lost two in a row. If they don’t start pushing the ball down the field more effectively, there will be more losses than wins over the balance of the season.

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