With numerous online courses available on the internet, the level of certification provided can vary and the measure of their value is subjective.

Your learning outcome is one of the factors that will decide the type, of course, you should study. For example, if you are planning to further study or getting a new job, then Diploma’s or A levels may be required. However, if you need to learn a new skill to help you at work or trying to engage yourself in something in your leisure time, then a certificate at the end may not be necessary.

If you need to get a computer for your online course, you should read online reviews about computer brands on Britainreviews.co.uk to know the right type of computer to buy. If you are learning a course because of the following reasons, you may not necessarily need a certificate. Online courses without Certificates are often much cheaper and quicker to complete.

  1. Demonstrating Knowledge and Ability
  2. Exploring New Career Options
  3. Learning for Fun


Adopting new skills in other to improve or increase your knowledge or for personal development. Online courses for personal development do not go through the same regulation process as recognized qualifications. However, they do offer a certificate of completion.

Although, certificate of completion may not be nationally recognized however it can help you with your professional development.

Developing your skills and learning new things can make you a more valuable person at work or in school. You have developed a skill and this improves your knowledge, in a critical situation you can apply your skills to solve the problem.


If you are thinking of exploring a new career option you may first start with courses that offer a certificate of completion. With the process of learning, you can see if it is something you want to strive for. An online course with a certificate of completion is ideal for beginners who want to explore new career options. Rather than paying a huge amount for courses, only to find out it doesn’t interest you, you can take an online course without a certificate and if it interests you and you wish to have a certificate of recognition you can easily opt for that.

Online course with a certificate of completion are mostly free, you can easily explore more than one courses to see the course that interest you the most.


The majority of people learning online courses choose to improve their skills and add to the existing knowledge. Most times, people who opt for online courses may not be chanced to go for traditional education due to the cost and time. But with an online course, they can learn their desire courses.

For some people online courses are just fun, indirectly they are improving their skills. What they have learnt will have an impact on them.

Most of the online courses with certificate of completion are free of charge, scalability and accessible.

If you are looking for a means to improve your skills then learning an online course with a certificate of completion will do you no harm.

Studying an online course is a great way to increase your skills and also improve your knowledge.