Parents in Benton County concerned over losing two special education teacher positions for the upcoming 2022-23 school year | News

FOWLER, Ind. (WLFI) – After hearing a rumor that two special education teacher positions may be excluded from the faculty list this upcoming year, parents, teachers, and students from Benton County came together to voice their concerns.

Tonight at the Benton Community Schools Board meeting, locals gave testimonies as to how much special education has helped those with learning differences thrive.

The struggle, they say, is one that you don’t know until you’ve experienced it.

They said, for them, having this type of support from a trained professional was the difference between excelling and failing in high school.

“It’s important to have enough teachers to support the students. I work with, in just my classroom alone, around twenty or more students on a daily basis. Sometimes it’s a struggle to get to every single student and support every single need that they have. So it’s very key that you have all of the proper teachers, aids, everything that these students need to succeed,” said Genessa Robinson, an eighth grade resource room Teacher’s Aide and parent of a student with learning disabilities due to her daughter having a brain tumor and brain surgery.

Although this was not an official item on the agenda, the School Corporation did note that the loss of the positions is a possibility due to not having qualified applicants.

“The biggest thing that we need are qualified candidates to be able to fill the positions that we’re looking for in the Special Ed. department. We’ve attempted to hire the candidates but we didn’t have the qualified candidates to hire so we are back to the drawing board and trying to find those candidates,” said BCSC School Board President, Holli Schoen.

School faculty were concerned that the job posting is not currently live on the BCSC’s website. When WLFI asked Schoen about this, she said that the positions automatically expire within a certain time frame online but that does not mean the position is not still looking for applicants. The job posting, she said, will go live on the website again shortly.

For now, if you are interested in applying to the job, email Superintendent Scott Van Der Aa at [email protected]