Reich’s kNot Today wants prevention education in every Indiana school

INDIANAPOLIS — For a few minutes, a bowling alley packed with people was mostly quiet.

A mother’s voice filled Royal Pin Woodland.

The story she told, coming from a video shown over every one of the 70 lanes, was heartbreaking. A story of a young daughter in pain, sexually abused by a family member, sitting in school, listening to education from the Indiana Center for the Prevention of Youth Abuse & Suicide and realizing that what had been happening to her was wrong.

She’d already heard the words once before. This time, something clicked, the daughter told her mother and wheels started turning. A predator was jailed. A child began to get the specialized care she needed.

Previously known as Chaucie’s Place, the Indiana Center for the Prevention of Youth Abuse & Suicide goes into schools across the state, in some schools on an annual basis, to educate children in the hopes of saving the ones who have been victimized and don’t know how to say it. Another organization, Avon-based Susie’s Place, does some of the same education, and when the video ended, Susie’s Place executive director Emily Perry was given the bowling alley’s stage to talk about the thousands of children they’ve reached through prevention education.