Sam Ehlinger believes ’this university deserves better’

Here are the highlights from Texas’ postgame press conference after the Longhorns’ 33-31 loss to TCU.

Head coach Tom Herman

On if he’s confident the team can turn it around:

“I’m very confident that we can get our problems fixed. This team is very together. They were hurt in the locker room. But I heard a bunch of guys picking each other up, understanding that we’ve got a long season. The only way to fix it is with hard work and with going back to practice with a purpose. I don’t sense at all that this team wants to do anything other than improve.”

On the high number of penalties:

“It was a really — I don’t have a better adjective other than weird — feeling down there, and it was difficult to get in a rhythm. At the end of the day, they found a way to do it, and we didn’t. We didn’t capitalize on the big turnover. We had a huge penalty that negated an explosive play. We had penalties negate a couple big-time explosive plays. When you’re behind the sticks as much as we were, behind the chains, that’s a really, really difficult place to find yourself a rhythm.”

On the quality of the run game:

“Consistently is the key word there. We were feast or famine. We would have some explosive plays, and some zero, negative yard plays, we couldn’t stay ahead of the sticks. I think we found a few runs there towards the end that were hitting pretty good. But we need to do a better job early in the game of establishing the run.”

On the large number of mistakes/penalties:

“There’s a thousand reasons why they happen. But it goes back to us not being able to translate our practices and game work to the field. And in my opinion, nobody’s going out there being careless. Nobody’s going out there trying to commit a penalty. We’ve got to find a way to manufacture rep after rep after rep to make sure that it’s second nature when they’re doing whatever job description that they’re doing. There’s no thinking, they’re not out of position. Again, that comes with repetition.”

Sophomore defensive lineman Keondre Coburn

On his mood after the loss:

“I’m sad. I’m heartbroken right now. I’m disappointed. I felt like we could’ve done more. But things happen. This is how we’re going to bounce back.”

On the general mood of the locker room:

“Everybody’s sad, everybody’s down, because you can tell they love football and who likes to lose. I can’t really give you an answer for everybody, but the people I’ve seen, yeah they’re down, crying, sad, but we all know what’s next. We know there’s still more football to go on, and we still have a chance. That’s the thing.”

On why there were so many penalties:

“I can’t give you an answer. I really don’t know. The refs seen some flags, and they called them. They did their job.”

On how the defense performed as a whole:

“At first I kind of felt like just getting into the groove of the game. It was probably a little slow. But I felt like after that second touchdown, we were doing our job. Yeah you want to say field goals is points, but that’s better than touchdowns in this conference. I felt like we were doing our job, we were stopping them, we were stopping their momentum, we were making plays. I guess we just didn’t make enough plays.”

Senior offensive lineman Derek Kerstetter

On what TCU did that caused problems:

“They do a bunch of different things. A lot of twists and a lot of different movements up front. We’ve just got to do a better job and that’s on me and it’ll get fixed.”

On how they can fix the mistakes:

“We just got to get back to playing clean football and focus on what we do. That starts with practice. Just being able to focus on tomorrow, and getting better on tomorrow, and then the rest of the week, focusing up on our next opponent.”

On if they felt they could win despite trailing in the second half:

“We were always confident, man. We always know that we can come back and win any ballgame that we’re presented with. We’ve got good leadership, we’ve just got to focus in and know that we’ve got to play better and finish the game off right.”

Senior quarterback Sam Ehlinger

On why they weren’t able to get into a groove:

“I think we stopped ourselves. We didn’t play well enough to win.

“If I knew, I would try to get it fixed. We’ve got to play to our standard and play better.”

On how he was feeling:

“I would say disappointed. The self-inflicting mistakes killed us. We can’t make that many mistakes and expect to win.”

On what he said to running back Keaontay Ingram:

“I talked to him. I reminded him that as much as we love this, it is just a game. It’s not life or death. I told him it’s certainly not on him. There were a lot of things that happened. Everybody made a ton of mistakes. It’s more on me than it is on him.”

On what bothers him the most about games like that:

“Losing bothers me the most. This University deserves better. It’s very frustrating when it’s self-inflicting and it’s preventable by attention to detail and playing the way that we all know that everybody’s capable of playing in this program.”

Texas running back Keaontay Ingram (26) runs past TCU cornerback Tre'Vius Hodges-Tomlinson (1) after making a catch during the first half of an NCAA college football game, Saturday, Oct. 3, 2020, in Austin, Texas. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

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