Sporting Kansas City to host top college players 2020 College Invitational Combine

Sporting Kansas City announced Thursday the club will host the 2020 College Invitational Combine for elite college soccer players from around the United States to get exposure in front of MLS and USL Championship scouts.

The combine will take place from Nov. 13-15 at Swope Soccer Village in Kansas City, featuring college seniors and select underclassman as its participants. The players will split into four teams for 60-70 minute matches to take place throughout the weekend.

“With no MLS combine on the calendar, Sporting Kansas City is excited to host its own showcase for the country’s top seniors and underclassmen,” Sporting Kansas City technical director Brian Bliss said in a statement provided by the team. “The College Invitational Combine will give aspiring college players a platform to be seen, as many universities and conferences are not playing their fall seasons. With Sporting’s central location and world-class facilities, we believe this is a tremendous opportunity for players and for clubs evaluating talent.”

Technical staff and scouts from nearly 40 MLS and USL clubs will be in attendance at the combine.

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