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A career coach can help you identify opportunities you might otherwise miss. Business Insider asked readers to nominate coaches who’ve given them the tools and confidence to revamp their careers. Here are 23 of the most impressive.

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This week, we have a list of startup accelerators, how much the highest-paid tech and media execs make, the text message one founder used to raise $128,000 from friends and family, and more.

3 secrets to thriving as an entrepreneur, from a millennial who grew her Instagram account into a multimillion-dollar swimwear brand

Devin Brugman

Devin Brugman.

Masha Maltsava

Devin Brugman is the cofounder of Monday Swimwear. She’s also a brand ambassador and has a major social media presence. The ambitious entrepreneur shared the strategies that have helped her advance her career. 

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8 questions to ask at meetings that will show the CEO you’re a born leader

meeting presentation

Ineffective meetings can waste time and money.

Morsa Images/Getty Images

Impress your CEO at the next company meeting with a question that shows you’re an innovator and a team player. We asked two career experts for their best suggestions, including “What does success look like for you?”

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6 startup accelerators entrepreneurs can apply for right now and attend from anywhere in the world

Capital Factory Accelerator

Capital Factory will receive stock worth 1% of the company and has the right to invest in the company’s next big round of funding.

Luis Alvarez

These accelerators are taking applications for programs that provide founders with founders funding, mentorship, and tools to scale their business.

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POWER LIST: The 11 industries that are growing right now and could generate huge profits for entrepreneurs


Thanks to recent research, founders looking to launch a new startup this year or next have a clear roadmap of the industries that thrived in 2020

Morsa Images

Founders looking to launch a new startup this year or next have a clear roadmap of the industries that thrived in 2020, thanks to a new report from LinkedIn.

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How a 24-year-old developer makes over $1 million a year creating games for the popular kids platform Roblox and launched his own development studio

Alex Hicks

Alex Hicks.

Alex Hicks

Alex Hicks dropped out of college to found his own company, RedManta, that creates games for Roblox, a popular game creation platform. Now, the 24-year-old makes over $1 million a year. He told Business Insider how embracing the gaming site’s communities and focusing on efficiency helped him get there.

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Read the text message 2 startup cofounders used to raise $128,000 from friends and family

Andrew Luong

Andrew Luong

The cofounders of the real estate startup Doorvest raised more than $125,000 in friends and family funding with one text message.

Here’s what it says.

Read the pitch deck Alexis Ohanian-backed elder care startup Papa used to raise $18 million for an app that provides ‘grandkids on demand’

Papa Pals 3

A Papa caregiver helps a client with technology lessons.

Courtesy of Papa

Andrew Parker got the idea for his elder care startup Papa after helping his grandfather find companionship and household help through Facebook. His idea blossomed into a thriving startup that recently announced an $18 million Series B round, bringing its total to $31 million. Parker shared Papa’s pitch deck exclusively with Business Insider and explained how he organized the presentation. He also gave his advice for creating a standout pitch deck.

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The 5 highest-paid tech and media executives earned an average of more than $116 million each in 2019. We mapped out the career paths they took to the top of some of the biggest companies in the world.

Google's CEO Sundar Pichai

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai

Justin Sullivan /Getty Images

The five highest-paid executives in the tech and media space made an average of more than $116 million in 2019, according to total compensation numbers disclosed in their companies’ latest SEC documents. The executives come from Google, CBS, Intel, Advanced Micro Devices, and Disney.

Here are the career paths that the five highest-paid tech and media executives followed on their way to the top of some of the biggest companies in the world.

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