SSCC readies COVID-safe classrooms, so great education can continue safely

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Southern State Community College
Published 6:02 a.m. ET Oct. 12, 2020

“We don’t want students to give up on their dreams”, SSCC Coordinator says.

Volunteers demonstrate social distancing at Southern State Community College in Hillsboro. (Photo: Courtesy of Elizabeth Burkard)

Amid the drastic changes COVID-19 has brought to daily life, many prospective college students in the area have been left uncertain about classes this fall — but Southern State Community College officials say the pandemic won’t force students to give up their dreams. 

As community college classes resume in Hillsboro, Mt. Orab and Washington Court House in a matter of days, SSCC President Dr. Kevin Boys said the college’s goal is to meet or exceed best health practices while continuing to provide accessible, affordable and high-quality education to area residents. 

“We’ve now survived a most unusual spring semester and the ‘Summer of COVID-19,’” Boys said in a letter to students. “Now it’s time for us to responsibly restart our face-to-face classes, but we must do so in the safest way possible.”

While some classes will be face-to-face, the college is also offering a variety of online and hybrid learning courses. Where virtual learning is not possible, face-to-face courses will take place in classrooms reconfigured to accommodate social distancing practices with masks required at all times.

The college has also hired a COVID-19 coordinator to implement the college’s health plan.

Susan Morris, an adjunct faculty member in the college’s nursing department, took the coordinator role Aug. 1. She said her position is evolving as the college’s health protocols expand in alignment with Ohio’s Responsible Restart program for higher learning institutions. 

“I am here to coordinate any activities related to the college’s


3,500-pound great white shark dubbed “Queen of the Ocean” spotted off North America’s coast

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A 3,500 pound great white shark dubbed Nukumi — meaning “Queen of the Ocean” — has been spotted off the coast of Nova Scotia. The massive 50-year-old shark was tagged and released by Ocearch, a research and exploring team that hopes its latest trip out to sea provides new clues to unravel the mysteries of great whites.

“When you see these big females like that that have scars from decades over their lives and multiple mating cycles, you can really kinda see the story of their life unfolding across all the blotches and healed wounds on their body,” team leader Chris Fischer told CBS News’ Jeff Glor. “It really hits you differently thank you would think.”   

A 50-year-old, 3,500-pound shark nicknamed Nukumi, meaning “Queen of the Ocean.”

CBS News/Ocearch

Tagging Nukumi, one of the largest great white sharks ever seen, was the crowning achievement of Ocearch’s month-long trip off the North American coast that had them running from storms for 21 days in the middle of an unprecedented Atlantic hurricane season. 

Tagging Nukumi, one of the largest great white sharks ever seen, was the crowning achievement of Ocearch’s month-long trip.

CBS News / Ocearch

At the end, Ocearch was successfully able to sample and release a total of eight great white sharks, including the so-called “Queen of the Ocean.” 

Fischer explained that tracking Nukumi comes with a “great opportunity” to show the researchers “where the Atlantic Canada white shark gives birth” — something that has never been witnessed before. 

Along with gathering more information on their birth, Ocearch’s goal is to learn more about the apex predators that keep the ocean in balance

“If they thrive, the system thrives,” Fischer explained. “The white shark is the balance keeper, and the path to abundance goes through them.”

Without white


With college basketball schedules resetting, Gonzaga and Baylor set brutal slates — and that’s a great thing

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Gonzaga is No. 1 in the CBS Sports Top 25 And 1. And Baylor is No. 2. It’s an uncommon couple atop the polls heading into an uncommon — well, unprecedented — season. 

But do you realize what these programs are doing? To this point, here’s what the nonconference schedules are looking like for the two Final Four contenders. 

For Gonzaga:

  • vs. No. 11 Michigan State (potentially) in Orlando in late November
  • vs. No. 12 Tennessee in Orlando on Dec. 2
  • vs. No. 2 Baylor in Indianapolis on Dec. 5
  • vs. No. 5 Iowa in South Dakota on Dec. 19

For Baylor:

Keep in mind there will be more games against NCAA Tournament-level teams for both schools when they squeeze in additional tilts in Orlando, where ESPN is going to house dozens of teams and numerous multi-team events. Mark Few and Scott Drew, two coaches who’ve never won a national title and only one of whom has made a Final Four, are scheduling like degree of difficulty will get them to the promised land. 

I love it. Can you imagine if college basketball always had this? By that I mean: regularly had two of its top three or four teams not only explicitly seeking each other out to play in the nonconference, but also were borderline obsessed with playing the hardest out-of-league slate possible? It’s what the 2020-21 season has delivered with the Bulldogs and Bears.

These two aren’t the only top 10-caliber teams seeking difficult schedules, I know. Expect Kansas to be very rugged again, for instance. No. 4 Virginia is targeting to play Florida, and should also have No. 3 Villanova on the schedule. No. 5 Iowa told Gonzaga it’s totally up for a throwdown in South Dakota. It’s a fabulous thing for college basketball. If all teams


LeBron James has had great teammates. Ranking Lakers star’s top ones

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SportsPulse: NBA Commissioner Adam Silver responded to a question about the lack of Black head coaches in the league and if he’d consider implementing a ‘Rooney Rule’ for minority head coach candidates.


LeBron James’ quest for his fourth NBA title began Wednesday night as the Los Angeles Lakers rolled the Miami Heat in Game 1 of the Finals. Over the course of his 17-year career, which has featured 10 Finals appearances, James has had a number of great sidekicks, several who were key in helping him hoist the Larry O’Brien Trophy. 

Here’s a ranking of his most complimentary teammates, excluding those he played with just in All-Star Games and with Team USA. 

1. Anthony Davis. While James has been on teams with dominant backcourt players in his career, Davis is his first dominant, MVP-caliber big man. Davis’ numbers for 2019-20 were 26.1 points and 9.3 rebounds a game, and his game-winner in Game 2 of the Western Conference finals is evidence of James not needing to be the end-of-game hero he’s been on other teams.  

Lakers forwards LeBron James and Anthony Davis celebrate after a play in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. (Photo: Kim Klement, USA TODAY Sports)

2. Dwyane Wade. When James first signed with the Heat in 2010 following “The Decision,” among the criticisms of his move from the Cavaliers was that the Heat would be Wade’s team. That was quickly put to rest as James used his four-year tenure in Miami to solidify himself as the best player in the league. He won two titles and was MVP two times with the Heat largely thanks to his chemistry with Wade in the open court and Wade’s complementary style as a combo guard/scorer. 

3. Kyrie Irving. When James returned to Cleveland a


The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Had a Great Coronavirus Plan, but Students Partied On

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At the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, more than 40,000 students take tests twice a week for the coronavirus. They cannot enter campus buildings unless an app vouches that their test has come back negative. Everyone has to wear masks.

This is one of the most comprehensive plans by a major college to keep the virus under control. University scientists developed a quick, inexpensive saliva test. Other researchers put together a detailed computer model that suggested these measures would work, and that in-person instruction could go forward this fall.

But the predictive model included an oversight: It assumed that all of the students would do all of the things that they were told to.

Enough students continued to go to parties even after testing positive, showing how even the best thought-out plans to keep college education moving can fail when humans do not heed common sense or the commands from public health officials.

Last week, the university reported an unexpected upswing of coronavirus cases and imposed a lockdown. Students had to stay in their dorms or off-campus housing except for essential activities, which included going to class.

Randall Munroe, the creator of the popular internet comic strip XKCD, and a contributor to The Times, poked fun at the fact that two of the people who were key players in developing the models were physicists.

“Can’t understand why someone with a physics degree would be bad at judging how often college students get invited to parties,” comments one of the XKCD characters.

Nigel Goldenfeld, one of the physicists who was the butt of the comic strip, replied in good humor. “We enjoyed the joke,” he said. But, he noted, it was not a completely accurate portrayal of what happened.

For one, while he and a fellow physicist, Sergei Maslov, had devoted

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