This ‘Hacker University’ Offers Dark Web Cybercrime Degrees For $125

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A newly published report into the new economy of the dark web from cybersecurity-as-a-service specialist Armor’s Threat Resistance Unit (TRU), contains much of what you might expect. The relatively cheap trade-in loan applications, business ‘fullz’ comprising a complete business attack dossier, and even SMS text bombing rental services. One discovery, however, stood out from the others as far as this somewhat jaded cyber-writer is concerned: a hacker university selling cybercrime courses to dark web degree students.

The people behind HackTown, the hacker university in question, describe it as somewhere designed to teach people how to become professional cybercriminals. The welcome page states that every course is geared towards “hacking for profit and committing fraud,” aiming at those with little or no coding experience. “By taking the courses offered,” the HackTown operators say, “you will gain the knowledge and skills needed to hack an individual or company successfully.”

Using a handful of free courses to tempt the would-be cybercrime mastermind, HackTown has an enrollment fee of $125 (£97), opening the doors to all other courses. The free courses themselves cover everything from operational security to network attacks, Wi-Fi hacking and carding. The latter being the trade in stolen credit and debit cards, along with the theft of this data and money laundering aspects for good measure. Once enrolled, HackTown offers courses in accessing router admin panels, discovering targets inside a compromised network, brute force attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks and so on.

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Delving a little deeper, the Armor TRU researchers found that this hacker university claims to provide all the tools required to “fast track your cybercriminal hacker career,” as well as “excellent