Why Ina Garten Says Her Illustrious Career Has Prepared Her For Living Through a Pandemic

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From Veranda

Cookbook author, television host, and beloved personality Ina Garten knew she wanted her twelfth cookbook to be all about comfort food when she chose the theme two years ago, but she had no idea how much the world would need comforting, foolproof recipes until her team was making the final touches on Modern Comfort Food just as the world was turning upside down.

“The reason why I focused on comfort food was that I knew the book was coming out right before a presidential election, which would be a stressful time regardless of what side you’re on,” Garten says. “I had no idea there would be this many layers of stressors and issues that we have been dealing with this year. Plus, there are still the regular stresses of everyone’s life—health issues that existed before COVID or tough jobs and schedules.”

As the world was trying to figure out just how serious COVID-19 was, Garten was busy filming her television series with Food Network and working on her next book (yes, book #13 is happening), all while finishing the design and edits of Modern Comfort Food, out October 6. (Let it be known, life as The Barefoot Contessa isn’t all hydrangeas and cocktails with Jeffrey). But Garten says between filming her television series in a barn in her backyard for the last 18 years and buying several new refrigerators stocked with food for herself and her crew prior to lockdown, her household has been fortunate enough to adjust quite well to life in quarantine.

“I feel like I’ve spent my whole career preparing for this moment, actually.” Garten says. “I walk across the lawn to go to work, and I can do everything safely from my house. I’m a homebody anyways, and Jeffrey, who normally goes to work