Proudest moment of my career? Fighting for equality in hockey

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[Editor’s note: Meghan Duggan, who captained the U.S. women’s hockey team to Olympic gold at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, announced Tuesday she is retiring. Over a 14-year stint with the national team, Duggan scored 40 goals and 35 assists in 137 games and won seven gold medals at IIHF world championships. She was part of three Olympic teams, winning silver in 2010 and 2014 before the gold in 2018. Duggan expands on her decision in this personal essay.]

One of the biggest moments in my hockey career came in a boardroom. It was March 2017, and for the previous 15 months, my teammates and I had been negotiating with USA Hockey for equitable support and treatment for girls and women in the program. We were getting nowhere.

It’s not easy to stand up to an establishment. Past players and mentors, such as the legendary Cammi Granato, advised us: If you are going to go after something this monumental, you all have to be on the same page. Any female hockey player in the United States needed to know why we were doing this. If they had concerns, we were happy to talk through it. I had thousands of conversations with players from all levels, from the national team to high school, and their parents. Some were scared. Some were hopeful. A lot of times we were frustrated. But we had to stick together, trust our guts and be confident that this was the right thing to do.

We reached a point that we never wanted to get to: threaten a boycott. We said we wouldn’t play in the upcoming world championships until meaningful progress was made. Which brings me to that boardroom three years ago.

After another long round of fruitless negotiations, it was time to have one final


In First Career Postseason Start, Yankees’ Clint Frazier Answers Bell With ‘Special’ Moment

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Making his first career postseason start on Monday night, Yankees’ outfielder Clint Frazier wasted no time making the most of an opportunity.

On the second pitch he saw in his first at-bat—leading off the third frame—Frazier unloaded on a fastball from Tampa Bay Rays’ ace Blake Snell, sending a no-doubt solo home run over the left-field wall at Petco Park. 

Considering Frazier was out of the starting lineup for both of New York’s Wild Card Series games against the Cleveland Indians, seeing his name on the lineup card and making the most of it made the moment as “special” as can be.

“It was exciting,” Frazier said after the 9-3 series-opening win. “Obviously I didn’t get the playing time I wanted last series and to have my first postseason hit in my career be a home run in that moment was special for me and special for the team.”

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The 1-0 fastball to Frazier wasn’t just high in the zone, it was nearly at his shoulders. No problem for the 26-year-old and his renowned bat speed, however, as he turned a 95.6 mph fastball into a 105 mph missile destined for the second-deck 418 feet away.

“With Snell, he’s a guy that likes to throw up in the zone a lot and his fastball plays up so I was going into that at-bat anticipating him to try to go to that pitch up in the zone,” Frazier explained. “It’s not often you hit that pitch because it’s so difficult, it’s a tough one to hit and it’s probably the first one in my career I’ve ever done like that and it came in a big time.”

It wasn’t just Frazier’s first postseason knock in his fourth big-league season,


What Is The Relationship Between My Education And Oppression At the moment?

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Teacher education is evolving and creating right into a career in itself. Students between the ages of 5 and 18 years of age are expected to study in class. Regardless of the increased prices, students are nonetheless discovering it crucial to stay in school and get as much accreditation as they’ll earlier than coming into the job market.

I’d recommend multicultural education be a requirement nationwide in the faculty techniques because our demographics fluctuate from metropolis to metropolis and state to state wherein some circumstances and in some cities, you have the majority being either black, white, Hispanic and multicultural education is not being taught and the students are being informed so in some circumstances, it can be construed that we are sending kids off to schools in different cities and states the place they don’t have any educational details about the numerous totally different cultures they’re going to be exposed to aside from the bias they may already possess.

Schools immediately play an important role within the socialization of kids and due to this fact it’s vital that academics know learn how to finest socialize their college students. Mother and father ought to practice their youngsters, both female and male educationally and equally.

In the art of instructing, something a teacher does is going to be scrutinized by the students. Profit-7 – Worksheets for child’s go well with all age groups, as these might be upgraded simply they’re appropriate for different capabilities and applications of each particular person youngster depending on their studying wants.

Researchers from Christchurch School of Medication in New Zealand studied over 1,000 kids born between April and August 1977. So right here the importance of buying correct English learning & communication abilities is available in image. Resulting from its lower costs, on-line education also advantages …


What Is The Relationship Between My Education And Oppression At the moment?

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These days, many adults are returning to college as non-conventional students both to finish a degree once began, however never accomplished, or to obtain a sophisticated diploma for higher profession future. They are efficient instruments for the school administration in addition to the dad and mom, who need to know whether or not their college students or youngsters are secure while travelling from faculty to home and vice versa. Children have a short consideration span, Worksheets simplify the learning course of and every preschool worksheet can be accomplished in about 7 – 10 minutes.

Earlier than that and most children will simply be taught the language and have the ability to catch up with the tutorial work. Corporations have targeted faculties and colleges and have turned to them to be able to assist with enlargement. This is described as being a “managerial-primarily based” educating strategy where students aren’t solely taught the ideas needed for their diploma, however in management as well.

Linda S. Gottfredson, a professor of educational studies on the College of Delaware, wrote in her article, The Normal Intelligence Issue that environments shared by siblings have little to do with IQ. Many individuals nonetheless mistakenly imagine that social, psychological and financial variations amongst families create lasting and marked variations in IQ.

As an alternative, public dollars would fund public colleges designed to accomplish a public need: the true education of America’s least-privileged children. When billions of dollars are divided among the 9.6 million eligible faculty-aged children, the potential for change is staggering.

These can provide an outstanding education in Spain inside environments which might be managed, secure and that have excessive aspirations for their college students. New mathematical software reminiscent of Maple and Mathematica permits students to make a pc algebra computations extra simply.…