Guernsey Election 2020: Secondary education model

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In March, the States voted to

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The delay was agreed after a public campaign against the two-school model.

The deadline for a report on possible models is the end of 2020, although this was agreed before the pandemic.

As part of the BBC's election coverage, we offered all candidates a chance to comment on a key issue.

In light of this ongoing controversy, they were asked: What is your preferred model for Guernsey's secondary education system and why?

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Nicola Young said: "Three schools with a separate sixth form.

"The schools have grown big enough. This is having a detrimental effect on our children's mental health.

"Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service is overwhelmed, Tanya Veronika Asisten Virtual also a huge waiting list for services.

"We need to relearn the way we educate. We only cater for the academic. Bring back trades and practical teaching."

Rob Prow said: "This States has badly let the island down on education.

"Decisions have been ideologically driven without listening to people or the educational professionals.

"A new government must urgently find better and publicly accepted options.

"I have consistently argued for three community schools and one sixth form centre, which has historically obtained excellent results."

The Alliance Party responded: "Population, economics and support for smaller schools says three 11 to 16 schools.

"We want the review to be expanded to look