San Antonio company working with military, SpaceX to move cargo anywhere in world in an hour or less

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A San Antonio company is partnering with the military and SpaceX to move cargo anywhere in the world in an hour using commercial spacecraft — including vertical-landing rockets built in Texas.

U.S. Transportation Command, which is responsible for moving military personnel and equipment around the world, said it’s working with Exploration Architecture, or XArc, and Elon Musk’s SpaceX to develop “rapid transportation through space” capabilities.

XArc, with six employees, is responsible for determining what’s needed on the ground to launch and land commercial spacecraft around the world.

The collaboration is the latest development in Texas’ still-expanding role in space travel and could help the U.S. military more quickly respond to threats and humanitarian crises around the world.

The aim is to use commercial space vehicles, including SpaceX’s Starship, to deliver payloads anywhere in the world. Starship can carry loads of 220,000 pounds.

“Our role is to understand the ground support infrastructure required to make it happen,” XArc CEO Sam Ximenes said. “What are the ground facilities and cargo standardizations so that it is seamlessly integrated into the (military’s) current logistics system.”

Sam Ximenes is chief executive of XArc. His company is teaming with Houston engineering firm KBR to evaluate three types of rockets.

His company is teaming with Houston engineering firm KBR to evaluate three types of rocket landing areas: rugged sites with no infrastructure, remote sites with limited support and mature sites that have established capabilities.

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The nine-person team is considering the logistics, including fuel and cargo requirements, needed to support spacecraft around the world, Ximenes said.

“Think about moving the equivalent of a C-17 payload (170,900 pounds) anywhere on the globe in less than an hour,” Army Gen. Stephen R. Lyons, head of U.S. Transportation Command, said in a statement. “Think about that speed associated with the movement of transportation of cargo and people.”

The companies could begin


As Delta makes landfall, Southwest Louisiana is still without a working radar

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It’s mobile radar to the rescue, and not a moment too soon.

a small clock tower in the middle of a field: The radar dome at the NWS Lake Charles sits on top of a tower that was battered by winds and is now out of commission as another hurricane heads toward it.

© NWS Lake Charles
The radar dome at the NWS Lake Charles sits on top of a tower that was battered by winds and is now out of commission as another hurricane heads toward it.

This is the story of how a moving research radar will be helping the Lake Charles, Louisiana, National Weather Service (NWS) outpost, whose radar was broken during Hurricane Laura.

The Lake Charles NWS office and radar are both located at the Lake Charles Regional Airport, which also took a significant hit during Laura.

The radar dome sits on top of an over 60-foot tower, and since wind speeds are often stronger the higher you go up, this likely led to its demise.

The problem is, the radar equipment is still not fixed, and another hurricane arrived Friday night in the the same area of Louisiana.

a person riding on the back of a truck: The SMART radar deployed to Louisiana

© Provided by CNN
The SMART radar deployed to Louisiana

Normally, when one radar site goes out, other nearby NWS offices can step in since many radar sites overlap a little.

“We have multiple radars to use, including one in Houston, Fort Polk, and Slidell,” said Roger Erickson, Warning Coordination Meteorologist for the Lake Charles NWS Office.

But those neighboring radars don’t cover the entire area, so what do you do about the gaps left behind?

“For this hurricane, we will have a portable doppler radar as well,” Erickson added.

A mobile radar, that is primarily used for research has been deployed to Louisiana to help fill in those gaps, and also provide high resolution, low-level data as well.

a young boy standing in front of a computer: Addison Alford inside the SMART radar

© Provided by CNN
Addison Alford inside the SMART radar

“In this particular case, the Shared Mobile Atmospheric Research and Teaching (SMART) Radar is here to enhance the existing


Jacqui Lambie is right – it just got harder for working class kids like me to go to university

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I know Senator Jacqui Lambie is a controversial figure but after scuttling government’s refugee phone ban and now delivering this powerful speech on working class kids, I am starting to warm up to her.

a large stone building with a clock tower: Photograph: David Mariuz/AAP

© Provided by The Guardian
Photograph: David Mariuz/AAP

Her recent speech on the floor of the Senate opposing the government’s university changes because they would make it hard for working class students to go to university resonated with me on so many levels.

I know because I was one of those working-class students she talked about.

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I went to one of the poorest high schools in this country – Parafield Gardens high school. A school with no culture of students going on to tertiary education.

It was assumed, and accepted, by those around me that if you came from the northern suburbs of Adelaide, you would end up on the factory floor.

Completing Year 10 was the ceiling. You were then ushered into vocational training and then into a low paid, insecure job behind a till or on a factory line (if you were lucky).

Universities did not bother with us.

We did not have mentors or “old boys’ or networks to open doors for us, prop us up and set up connections for life.

I was supposed to end up slaughtering chickens at the local abattoir with my twin brother before moving up to a job with Holden’s Elizabeth plant – with my older brother.

But it is not just that society (teachers, politicians, universities) gave up on me, on us working class kids, it could also be our own families.

Unlike most ethnic parents, my mother was never too keen on education because none of her working-class friends


Great Jobs For Folks Who Love Working With Numbers

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After spending decades in Human Sources and over practically 20 years as an Government Coach, I’ve seen (and taken) my fair share of career and character assessments. A person has a career that they’re growing with each position held and thru these jobs they have acquired data, skills, and talents. Nonetheless, you’ll study by way of self-examination what your pursuits are, what you are good at, how properly you have got the essential skills to carry out at a high stage in whatever career you select.

My ebook about how I used indicators from the Universe to change my life has simply hit one of the best seller list on Amazon, which just goes to point out how many individuals are awakening to indicators as a strategy to really stay your life and alter your life for the higher.

When applying for jobs I discovered no government websites specified my degree. A Career coach is an skilled in working with people who want to enhance their work satisfaction, change jobs, or make a career change. In case you have been in the same job for some time, or held a number of associated jobs, you might find it simpler to explain your occupation.

Make it easier to recognize what jobs you’re suited for based on your abilities, training, personality and ambition. People curious about medication or science might discover jobs in crime labs. A great spouse loves her hubby for his successes and failures, and gives reassurance when he’s feeling down.

The last program I used to be in failed and was being investigated as a result of different college students who took the identical course can’t find jobs. In case you are interested by making an attempt out your writing abilities as a source of earnings, think about the …