The Laboral Opportunities for E-learning Graduates

The rate at which technology is being embraced is rapidly increasing. Tech companies are working to integrate almost everything they can get their hands on, with technology.

Now more than ever, we need to avoid social interactions, this has led to schools being converted online and knowledge being dispensed virtually.

With occurrences, it is undoubtedly questioning whether the current education system can support and adequately provide education online.

One of the purposes of education is to equip one with knowledge enough to help the person better their future and sustain their dependents.

Employers, on one hand, have a certain bar to which they determine whether one is qualified for a certain job.

Let’s have a look at different aspects of e-learning as it relates to laboral opportunities.

Employers opinions with online degrees

When seeking to know whether an online degree has good laboral opportunities, I believe it is important to take a recruiter’s opinion about online learners.

The answer to this is two-sided. Some conservative job recruiters believe that online education is useless, ineffective and they would rather have their employees study traditionally from school.

They believe that certification can easily be tampered with or forged. To them, this allows a lazy, inexperienced job seeker to walk into an interview and get an undeserving job.

They would rather show biasness to choose a conventional education graduate with a job opportunity over a student with an online certification.

Some employers are open-minded and accept online education just as much as the traditional form of education.

To them, what matters is the skill and not where and how you earned your degree. A degree is a degree regardless of the form of education used to acquire the degree.

This type of thought is what I hold too. As long as the degree or certification was acquired legally, and the owner has good skills, he/she should not be denied the job.

You might have studied face-to-face learning in a famous university but your time in school was used for everything else except studying.

This makes your degree useless and insignificant. On the other hand, your competitor for the job post has an online certification but has better skills and understanding of the practicability of the job.

You will automatically be disqualified.

Winding up on this, some recruiters noted that certifications are very similar and in most cases indistinguishable from each other.

In this case, it doesn’t matter how you obtained your degree, what matters is how well you academically fit the job profile.

Blended E-learning

Blended e-learning is a system that combines both virtual learning and conventional learning.

Some part of the course is offered online while the rest students have to take it from school.

This is ideal for students taking more practical courses that demand them to be available and work on real physical projects.

Take for example a student studying medicine or nursing. They have to be present at most times in the school learning practically how to treat a patient.

Blended e-learning has greatly contributed to increasing the value of online degrees. It makes job recruiters more comfortable to hire an online student graduate.

If you are faced with the option of fully studying online or blended e-learning, I would prefer you take the latter.

You shall get better knowledge and skills in the course you venture into.

Jobs that are more likely to hire with an online degree.

●    Computer developer

The first job that you are more likely to be hired with an online certification is in computer development.

For a long time, some big tech companies have been run by experts without degrees from all over the world.

With some even being self-taught without completely having a degree.

●    Market research analyst

The biggest marketing is done online and different people have their style of marketing.

It doesn’t matter how you learned your marketing skills, what matters is that you are good at it.

It is therefore certain that most recruiters hire market research analysts with online certifications.

●    Virtual assistance

It is self-explanatory that virtual assistants need to have extreme skills with communication technology.

Bottom line

Yes, you will be employed with an online degree. There are so many people across the world that have managed to bag big luxurious jobs from studies done online.

However, it is important to get your course done and certified by a trusted institution. That shall, without doubt, raise your resumè.

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