Thrilling and unique options for career

A career is any form of work engagement that requires some training and skills and offers an opportunity for an individual to partake in it as his/her life’s work. A career is definitive, with a more permanent outlook than a job, which is a form of paid employment. It is possible to change jobs while still pursuing the same career.

This, therefore, means that a career should be something that one is passionate about. If you are going to be gainfully engaged in something for a significant part of your life, it had better be something you love and enjoy doing.

Comments by discussants on websites like and other such platforms reveal that some people had to change their career paths, even after having attained a level of achievement in the said careers, and did not mind going through new training and qualification processes for their cause.

 When people’s opinions on career change were sought, the consensus seems to be that it is never too late to go for what you are passionate about. In this article, we will be looking at five thrilling and unique career options that might not be in the mainstream but have the potential to offer immense satisfaction to those inclined to pursue such paths.


This career is in the field of human resource management. A headhunter is a professional recruiter that organizations in need of professionals or high-level executives allow finding the perfect fit for a particular job. To get the perfect employee is usually time consuming and expensive, and some organizations cannot afford the time.

To excel in this field, you’ll specialize in an industry– commerce, medicine, sports, manufacturing, etc. – and build a strong professional network there. You will also require an understanding of the human resource principle, and be analytic, observant, quick-thinking, and able to communicate well to sell an idea.

Professional Bridesmaid

Do you just love weddings, and everything it entails? Do you not mind sorting out the last-minute details that usually stress out brides and their trains? Then you might just be cut out to be a professional bridesmaid.

Your job description as a professional bridesmaid will include monitoring the printing and distribution of invitations, shopping for dresses, planning the bachelorette party and bridal shower, helping the bride with food and drinks on D-day, helping with the toilet run, touching up the bride’s makeup and other such activities. A training in events planning and management might help, even though a professional bridesmaid is a more personal type of service delivery than event management.

Air traffic Control

This career offers the opportunity to direct the movement of airplanes in the sky, as well as on the ground. Responsible for the safety of people on every single flight they control, air controllers work in a fast-paced and quick-moving environment that leaves no room for errors, so it is a perfect job for people that excel under pressure or love to feel the rush of adrenaline regularly.


If you can stand the sight of blood, then you will be fine in this career. Paramedics are the first responders to scenes of a medical emergency, with the view of transporting victims of the emergency securely to the hospital. Paramedics also have to provide first-aid medical services to preserve lives, in a lot of cases. The career requires some medical training, as well as a calm yet quick-thinking disposition.

Bomb squad technician

It does not get more thrilling than having a career that brings you in close contact with violent death regularly. It is scary, it is dangerous, and it is exhilarating to be the ones to check out suspicious luggage or bomb threats to the public. This job requires a calm head, steady hands, sharp eyes, physical fitness (in case you have to throw the package and run like it’s done in the movies), and gallons of courage for every single day.