University Hospitals Parma Medical Center unveils high-tech robotic surgery

PARMA, Ohio — It was only a matter of time before 21st century medicine included the introduction of robotic surgery.

Apparently, the future has arrived with the ongoing $27.5 million renovation of the University Hospitals Parma Medical Center’s Surgery Department, including the recent addition of the high-tech da Vinci Xi robot, which went into operation two weeks ago.

“It is a significant step forward,” said Dr. David Linz, a general surgeon based at UH Parma Medical Center. “Robotic surgery makes minimally invasive surgery better, safer and more precise. It’s taking laparoscopic surgery to another level.”

The da Vinci Xi surgical system enhances surgical performance by creating a natural extension of the surgeon’s eyes and hands. Previously in laparoscopic surgery, the surgeon would view the case on a monitor while manipulating the surgical instruments with his hands while standing at the operating table.

“Robotics allow you to have much more control of the instruments,” Linz said. “Traditionally with laparoscopic, you’re standing next to the patient bedside operating and looking up at a monitor that is 6 feet away.

“Robotically, you’re at the console with high-definition, 3-D vision. You’re totally emerged in the visual field. You can get precise down to millimeters. You can do very fine dissections that are really difficult to do with traditional laparoscopic. It’s very steady, very smooth and the risk of injury is much less,” he said.

In robotic surgery, the arms of the robot are positioned over the patient. The surgeon controls the robot’s arms while sitting at a control console.

The advanced surgical system can be used for a minimally invasive surgical approach to complex diseases and conditions in urology, thoracic, cardiac, colorectal, gynecology and general surgery.

“Robotic surgery allows us unprecedented dexterity and precision in surgery,” said urologist Dr. David Turk, who is with independent practice Southwest Urology.

“It not only allows us to see structures such as nerves and small blood vessels, it also allows us to work in tiny spaces that we just cannot access with our hands. I truly believe robotic surgery has been a game changer.”

No stranger to robotic surgery, Turk has performed thousands of operations for the last 15 years using the technology. Today, he swears by it.

“I believe my patients have benefited immensely from this technology,” Turk said. “The most important aspect of surgery is patient outcomes, and the da Vinci has clearly led to better outcomes.

“Once a surgeon learns this technology, they never go back.”

In addition to UH Parma using the latest da Vinci Xi robot, other UH medical centers are expected to begin employing the unit later this fall.

“I’m so pleased that we have brought the latest da Vinci robot to UH Parma Medical Center,” UH Parma Medical Center President Brian Monter said in a press release.

“Robotic surgery enhances our capabilities and ensures that our surgeons have the most modern, cutting-edge equipment and facilities to provide world-class care to our patients.”

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